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A new name for an established idea

Though the Semsym site was launched on June 20, 2005, the idea for a new concept in Web development isn't new. On November 22, 1997, Justin Russell, a student just entering high school in a small Maine town, founded M@ineSites Web Site Design and Computer Consultation. Russell had been designing sites for a couple of years using the built-in editor with Netscape 2.02 and quickly realized his interest in the field. The original M@ineSites page featured many commonalities with basic web design services today; the "company" offered sites with features such as "guestbooks, counters, and tables" and even listings "with popular search engines, such as Yahoo!, Altavista, and Infoseek."

After designing sites for himself and his family, Russell slowly shifted away from a commercial focus while learning technologies such as Perl and PHP. M@ineSites was renamed to Lighthouse Media Solutions as he entered college for studies in new media. Lighthouse produced the Lighthouse WebSuite, a collection of three sites built in three months:, YOnCam, and ChatterMatch. The unifying feature of the WebSuite was the focus on community interaction; each site was run by the people who visited the site.

The future with Semsym

Still pushing the boundaries of Web design and interaction, Semsym offers new concepts based on today's needs and technologies. Visit often to see the latest projects developed out of Semsym's rich history of innovation.

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