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Semsym launches

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Welcome to Semsym. I'm Justin Russell, your host.

There's a long history and a lot of work that's happened to reach this point (if you're interested in a very brief description of it all, check the about page). I'm really excited to see the site finally launch. I promsed the visitors to that Semsym would launch soon; that was back in February. Finally, after finding some time to work on the next Semsym project, I decided to launch it today.

The first official Semsym release is ufeed. ufeed allows you to combine all of your blog,, and flickr posts all into one page. While playing around with it, I realized that I'll be doing a lot more posting on my sites and services; it's so great to have them all on one page. Check it out - it's free to make your own feed.

I'd like to make an appeal for Semsym registration. Please register. It's completely free, and I value your privacy. The main advantage for now is just the convenience of using a single login for any Semsym site you come across. There will be other (quite appealing) incentives to register in the future, but I encourage you to be an early adopter and create your account now.

I was amazingly surprised and humbled by the success of, and I was also very thankful that I heard from some people about how they thought the site could be made better. If you ever have any ideas, feel free to send them to me at Please put "[Semsym]" somewhere in the subject line so that I know it concerns one of these projects. I'd love to hear from you, and I'll write a reply if I can. I want Semsym to be as good as it can be. Want to help?

- j

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