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Here are the projects in the Semsym family. An explanation of statuses is also available.
Combining the best of Flickr and Google Maps, flickmap allows users to add a location to Flickr photos that have a Creative Commons license. Once a photo has been placed on the map, anyone can view the compiled map of all photos. Launched: 2005-12-03
Last Update: 2005-12-03
Status: online

>> More about flickmap allows users of the site to find other users with similar interests by comparing links they have in common. Launched: 2005-02-05
Last Update: 2005-02-08
Status: offline

>> More about
In a community-based, GPS-rich environment, users can submit their own photos and have them tagged to a specific location. Other users can then search for photos nearby, and possibly even photos taken at the same place at different times. Status: proposed

>> More about PhotoLocale
If you're a geek, it's not how you look, it's how your web page looks. Let other people know what you think by rating pages from 1 to 10. Launched: 2001-12-01
Last Update: 2002-02-05
Status: online

>> More about RateMyPage
semtools is a centralized portal for commonly-used Web development tools, including an MD5 encoder, timestamp decoder, current IP finder, and more. Launched: 2005-06-14
Last Update: 2005-10-10
Status: online

>> More about semtools
Want all of your favorite streaming videos in one place? Streamables pulls together your video picks from the most popular sharing sites into your own personalized playlist. Launched: 2006-07-03
Last Update: 2006-07-03
Status: online

>> More about Streamables
Let everyone know everything that's going on with you in one simple page that integrates your blog entries, your links, and your Flickr photos. Launched: 2005-06-20
Last Update: 2005-06-23
Status: online

>> More about ufeed

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