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Get the most out of Semsym. Login or register for free. allows users of the site to find other users with similar interests by comparing links they have in common.

Praise and Reviews

2005.02.08: Bibi's box
The idea seems very cool: find people with the same interests using your bookmarks.

2005.02.06: Library Stuff

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Version History

2005.02.08 (1.1.0)
Site taken offline due to popularity (cut off by for resource reasons) and replaced with temporary Semsym e-mail signup page.

2005.02.07 (1.0.1)
Added cache directory cleanup cron job. Fixed for caching bug.

2005.02.05 (1.0.0)
Site launch.

2005.01.25 (0.0.0)
Initial conceptualization.

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